Thursday, August 04, 2011

Mish Mash Thursday

Today just a small index collage
beautiful weather
meeting friends for lunch to talk about a trip\
playing with my Koi Watercolour set
What are you doing today?


  1. this birdie...well done!!!

  2. You have a entertaining blog and enjoy my visit here today. this is my first visit as well.

    Your cartoon of the Beetle song is great! and I simply adore your fish as well.

    In response at about Mosquitoes I hope I don't depress you on this one, but where I lived at in the city of San Diego, not all places are crawling with fluttering mosquito here. Some areas has more than others while some places you can't even see them such as in my area they are consider to be a rare beast. Sorry you are having such a hard time with them.

  3. love the bird... another great card! I think Anke had a great idea with the mosiac of index cards!

  4. Anonymous1:41 AM

    Hi! I found your blog through What are you up to Wednesdays and I really like the combination of textures and images here, especially the tape measure!

  5. LOVE this index card! And I forgot to mention, I like the new header on your blog.


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