Friday, August 12, 2011

A Love Fest

love that today is hot, air is on
love this icad card not because I created it, but the quote
love that the studio is almost spick and span
love that the things I call stuff I don't need ,another artist who needs it will get it
love that I am in the paper swap and my partner is from Poland
love that you read my blog
love that I have a blog, because many times I have wanted to stop
love that I have many good friends who I have met on my blog
love that I am going to Phoenix again this year with my good friends
love that you took the time to read this
What do you love , lets have a love fest


  1. I love that I met you through our blogs. I love that our weather is not too hot. I love that it's Friday. I love that my studio is cleaner than it was yesterday but still not finished. And most of all I love life in general!

  2. I love your love fest! It puts me in a happy mood to read about all the things you are loving today! I love that I ate lunch outside on the sidewalk of a restaurant with my family this afternoon. I love that the weather was perfect, with just a few sprinkles right as we were climbing back into our car. I love that my children are up taking naps right now, and I am about to head into my crafting space for some playtime!

  3. Oh, and I forgot to mention--I love your blog banner!


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