Saturday, August 27, 2011

fridge art, doodles, and index card (three for the price of 1)

The above doodle is what I call fridge art, I had a paper bag, that I was going to recyle, and I thought I would just doodle on it, and then I used water color and pan pastel, and here is my version of fridge art, it will stay on the fridge till I get sick of it and go into the recycle.

Now this lined book I always have by where I sit and use my laptop, I write good websites, or tips I want to rememeber, I am always trying out ideas, and colors, and making lists.

And this is my index card for the day, only three more to go, we dont have to post on Sunday
.  So that is it for Saturday, today we are waiting for family to come, they are taking our freezer off our hands, we dont need it anymore, just for the two of us, we wanted someone who needed one to have it.


  1. You do great fridge art! Mine consists of a stack of recipes for the week and a doodle on the grocery list. And I learned from you to keep a lined notebook beside my much neater than my scapes of paper that manage to fly away to the oddest locations, like under the book shelf where I might locate them a year later. Uh, oh, did I admit I only clean under that shelf once a year?

  2. PS. Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate your comment.


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