Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Well yes today is tuesday and whats on my agenda

1.  went for long walk at dog park
2.  husband out of town
3.  no to much going on here
4.  Watching movies, making art, eating what I want,
no housework being done, some deck sitting, a little napping
whats doing on your Tuesday


  1. ONE of the things I did on this perfect sunny Tuesday was send honest-to-god MAIL to YOU! How do you like that? I also got a new tire (boo!), bought flood insurance (boo!), ordered a new side view mirror for the car (boo!) bought lemonade from a lemonade stand (yay!) and made a bunch of postcards (double yay!) Sounds like you had a great Tuesday!

  2. Sounds like a pretty relaxing day! I like your coffee cup card (the picture and the rhyme)...can't imagine not drinking coffee or tea, though!


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