Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Haircut day

As you can see this index card is timely, I am off today to get a haircut, meet a friend for coffee (diet coke), and then home to clean up.  It seems after I watch Hoarders which was on last night
I am always in the mood to clean up the house and throw things out (lol).


  1. I love this card! Have fun on your day out.

    When Hoarders first came on I watched it a couple of times but it grossed me out too much! Those people have a serious problem. I used to think I kept a lot of stuff but after watching that show I know I'm not even in the ball park!

  2. I know what you mean! I have to keep some kind of control over my stuff or it takes over. Hope your haircut turned out just to suit you.

  3. cute card.

    it's unbelieveible how some people live. we had an acquaintance that just kept buying stuff. she couldn't use her washer, because it was stacked with stuff. she slept on a cot because she could get upstairs to her bedroom. it's hard imagine living like that.

    if i don't use it i pass it on. if i don't have room for it i give it away.


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