Saturday, October 08, 2011

bee boy

today is all about
finishing packing
making chicken stew
getting this house whipped into shape
getting a pkg ready to mail to germany
packing some art supplies for my trip
gathering papers and passports
having good friends over for dinner
and loving this time of year
whats on your day?


  1. You've got a busy day! Your bee boy is great! I love when you draw like this. It's so refreshing and so unique.

  2. yes janet is right your drawings and art are unique but thats what makes them so special! have a great trip Lee!

  3. My you been busy!

    Wishing you a nice safe trip to and fro.

  4. Hey Lee, I was wondering where you are...not new blog posts for a week. I hope you have great time!! Looking forward to hear from you adventure..obviously you went on one, smiles, Anke :)

  5. I love this illustration! It is fabulous. Have a great time with your friends.

  6. Hi this "bee boy." Hope you are having a fun trip.


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