Tuesday, October 18, 2011

blogland I am back

Well I am back from the land of vacation and hot hot weather.  Things I did while on vacation:
  • spent way to much money
  • created one art postcard
  • had a great time with my friends
  • made some new friends
  • saw some wild bulls running in the streets
  • whizzed through customs without a problem
  • had some good wine
  • complained of the heat to many times
  • never saw socks on my feet until yesterday
  • had an annoying man sit in front of me on the plane
  • ate outside
  • drank outside
  • looked at  new houses to buy (not for me)
  • had a bbq bratwurst at a saloon
  • saw a japanese film crew making a documentary 
  • had a great time
  •  had some bad news
  • missed you and my blog


  1. Welcome home! I missed you. Sounds like you had a fun time except for the bad news part.

  2. now you'll know how that heat feels when I complain about it in summer! it does get to you in the end!

    I missed you too and SOOO glad youre back!

    ps hope that news wasnt too bad.

  3. Welcome back! Hope you tell and show us more about your trip!

  4. Hi Lee...great to see you back! I'm glad you had a great time but sorry about the annoying man and the bad news.

  5. Yes Welcome back and glad to have you back again too :)


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