Friday, October 28, 2011

whats in your purse friday

  1. this book is in my book, I use it to jot notes, and sometimes drawings
  2. a wallet that holds no money today
  3. a credit card holder that holds all the cards that I use
  4. my favourite black pen from staples
  5. an eraser
  6. a pencil
  7. my camera
  8. my keys for the car
  9. lipstick
  10. gum
  11. cell phone
whats in your purse, come on feez up I want to know what you carry



  1. I carry much the same thing as you....wallet, credit card holder, checkbook which I seldom use, a calculator, sunglasses, keys, pen, mints, small notebook, emery board, and my shopping book. I seldom carry make-up anymore but I used to carry a big make-up bag.

  2. Money, not in my wallet. Keys. Receipts. altoids. my calendar, my cell phone and if I'm going anywhere that I might have to wait I bring either a book or hand embroidery.

    I hope things are wonderful with you!

  3. Lee, I just popped in here from Rushmore's site and wanted to tell you that the moment I saw the postcard on her post I knew it was yours! I think that's so cool that you have such a style it's recognizable wherever you are. You are so talented...

    Best wishes from tj

  4. Purse? Um....well I was using a purse for awhile there, but now it is just hanging out in the closet and I suspect it must have a collection of dust bunnies in it by now.

    so now I am using a hip pouch so I guess I can it a hip purse..ha ha ha, I don't even have enough room to carry all sorts of goodies in it, but so far I had manage to get just my little fat wallet in it which holds store credit cards, business cards, library card, Driver License, some loose coins, and one picture of my mom.

    My keys don't even fit in there, but I manage to crammed them in there then I have a lot of problems at trying to zipped it up which leaves some of the keys dangling out of the hip purse pouch. ha ha. There is also an ink pen and lipstick in it.

  5. So funny that you ask this today...I was just reflecting on the fact that my (ridiculously messy) purse has a tape measure, a a roll of Scotch tape, some thumb tacks, and a stop watch. (Not to mention way too many half-used tissues and a partially-eaten box of candy.) How weird (and kind of gross) is all that!


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