Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wise guy....

I have been having an owlish (lol) day
i have already dropped and broken a dozen eggs
spilled a diet coke all over my car
and my wise guy (and I dont mean that nicely) of course could not let that pass
do you have any "wise guys" in your life?


  1. Oh, there's always a wise guy, isn't there? Love your owl, and the caption "Wise Guy"! Hope your day "cleans up" a little!

  2. Yikes! Your day isn't off to a very good start. Maybe you should just stay in the studio and play the rest of the day. Your owl is great!

  3. married to one...and I mean that nicely! love your owly!

  4. Yep, do too....enjoyed all your new art.....
    My day started like that today too, but I am positiv that it just can get better, lol :)

    Smiles, Anke :)


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