Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sunday Sunday

First of all, i thought the song was Sunday Sunday by the Mamas and Papas
but its really Monday Monday.  So just pretend its suppose to be Sunday.
Today is all about relaxation, I know you think she stays home how
can she not relax on a daily basis.  But Sunday was made
for relaxation was it not? The end of the weekend, almost
the start of a new week.  Its time to lay back, forget your cares
and woes and just be in the moment of Sunday.  I know its
hard, when I worked, it was all about getting everything
done and ready to go back to work on Monday.  And somehow Sunday slipped
by in a blur, and it felt like I did not even have a weekend.
I have learned with age and time, to appreciate the
weekend, not to work to hard, have fun,
play, read the paper, do the crossword, make some art
hang out with your family, cook a great dinner for family
and friends.  So I am off to do some of that, what are you doing today


  1. There's nothing like a day of taking it easy to refresh the spirit, is there? Love your cheerful salute to the day painting!

  2. its monday here when I am reading this, but yesterday I had a nice day alone and did loads of cleaning, no relaxing for me!

  3. I'm reading this on Monday but yesterday I had a good day....long phone call from my son and just puttering in the studio.

    Your flowers look so pretty and springlike.


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