Thursday, October 06, 2011

painted paper

One of my favourite go to blogs is
she has great art and posts alot.  Anyway she created the
the blue paper, and put it out there for use, to
see what you could create with it.  So
here is my creation, I created a postcard
with it.  I drew the bird and used sharpie markers
to add colour.  And the buildings, I used an 
advertisement postcard from a local brewery and cut
it up and used it for the buildings.  All I did was
add the windows in black ink, and colored them in
with white pen.  So what do you think? Go
over to her site and create something fun from
the paper, and show it on your blog.  I
actually created another postcard different
but I cant show you because I am sending
it to her.


  1. Love your postcard! Anyone would love getting your Fly Free, I bet.

  2. LOVE this postcard! You always have such great ideas and then you actually do them! I have ideas but I seldom carry them through to completion.

  3. LEE! you just made my day in a big way. I'm so honored that you played with my paper! and I can't wait to see what comes in the mail! thanks for sharing your talent with me - you are inspiring!

  4. Great postcard, Lee!

  5. Great postcard! Very cool idea! Love the bird!

  6. LOVE what you created from her paper! Great job!


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