Wednesday, October 26, 2011

regrets I had a few ....

Have you ever regret ed something that you did, and wished you could take it back.  I have done it a few times, in my life, and once just yesterday.  I sent a drawing or actually water colour that I did off to be entered in this
and then immediately wished I would not have sent it.  First off I must have been in a coma when I sent it off, because in my right mind I would have never, because it looked amateurish and I am not just saying that,
that's when all the doubts about your ability start to kick in, the i am not good enough, look at the others entries they are fantastic and then I looked at mine and cringed.  I am so embarrassed I am not even going to show you guys. So today is all about not thinking about it, and chalking it up to another bad art day


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself, Lee! I think it's better to have sent something in than to have sent nothing at all. There's no harm in trying, right?

  2. we all have those days. but someone else may look at your card and think it's beautiful. don't fret. stay calm and carry on.

  3. I can't imagine your art being anything that bad. You're always so tough on yourself. I agree with Andria, at least you tried and no one can fault you for that. Just like the old saying "It's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all"....just insert the words made art instead of love and there you have it!

  4. I am agreeing with everyone here and their comments! Your art is unique and who cares what others produce! I felt exactly the same way when you had that ac swap ages ago...and what I produced was so amateurish compared with the other ac cards! But eventually I got over it too!

  5. Lee, I am behind in all your posts. And I've just popped into some of this randomly. We all have hard days and doubts.

    But I'm here to tell you that you have amazing skill and recognizable style which is the ONE THING that everybody is after and RARELY achieves.

    Not that I know a stinking thing, but I've been pretty active in the arts in 3 countries. And I know good when I see it. I am a huge fan and supporter of your work.

    Just keep going!


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