Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Ideas and mulling them around

I am experimenting with these flowers
which I might put in a collage
what do you think?  I wanted
them not to look perfect, which
I think I accomplished (lol).  The leaf
was an extra I threw in just to
try a different style.  I don't
like it as much as my other ones.
What do you practice in art?


  1. I think the flowers look good and they would work in a collage. I actually like the big leaf, too.

    Several years ago I painted lots of what my friend called fantasy flowers. They weren't necessarily realistic looking. I still like to draw flowers, and of course, faces. But I don't practice nearly as much as I should.

  2. I cut up some of my practice pieces to use in atc's. I've been known to remove a 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch section from something really big because that's the only piece I like.

    Your flowers remind me of rubeckia, especially "golden glow." Lovely!

  3. Yes I can see how they would great in collage would love to it when you finished it up.

    Mostly I practice drawing the human body, I have much trouble getting the human body to my liking.

  4. your flowers remind me of chamomile flowers! v pretty. I would print a copy of the pic and cut it up into sections and play around with making it part of a collage then.

  5. Lee, I do like the flowers a lot! They would look cool "growing" around an art journal page or amidst written journaling. The leaf is cool and doodly, and that would be another fun pattern to work with in collage.

    I practice drawing different fonts and tiny faces... over and over.

  6. Hi Lee...I really really like the flowers and the big leaf!!!! I like the black and white with the green...very nice!!! You mentioned Katie's class...maybe you can get the DVD when she comes out with it...it's the same as the class. I love her class!

  7. i love how you did the leaf. the black and white around the edge is really different. creative.

    i don't have the patience to practice. that's why i never took that ballet class as a child. when i saw what they went thru just to do simple steps. i just wanted to do it.

  8. This is really a great page, Lee! The colors are perfect and I love your drawings. I practice everything I can get my hands on. :)


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