Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cover Art

I have been in the organization mode again, and this time decided that I should sort out all my record albums, and decide what to do with them.  I love music, and had my first record player (boy do I feel old when I say that ) when I was 10, and along with that my first record Lets Twist Again, Chubby Checker.  So along the way I collected many albums, Elton John, Kiki Dee, Eagles, Journey, Madonna.  So yesterday I went through them all, and put some of my favourites aside with great cover art, and pulled out the sleeves, that had the old parchment sleeves, and took the rest to the good will.  I thought about   this long and hard, and decided I could buy all of these on cd, listen to them on my IPOD (ok I don't have an IPOD) but I do have an MP3 player, and it was just stuff sitting around here not being used.  And I am trying to lighten my footprint (see I am up on all the new age saying),and I don't have a record player .  So now that is done,its onto the VHS tapes....


  1. Hi Lee! I love this drawing....and congratulations on our smaller foot print. Best of luck with the VHS. ;)

  2. can't keep up with your posts. You must post almost every day? Love all the postcards you've been making. I'm trying to par down and attain that lighter footprint and get rid of things's not easy sometimes...

  3. LOVE this drawing! Your quirky birds and animals are fantastic.

    Good for you for getting rid of things. I keep trying but things keep popping up that I'd forgotten about. I have a box of old tapes that we haven't used in years. Nothing to play them on! I think I'll go find them and toss them out. One less box of stuff!

  4. we did pretty much the very same thing earlier this year.. and it felt like a wrench to let all those records go. I did save a few old old faves as did dh... but the rest had to go!

  5. Cant resist another Lee,its a great feeling once its gone just hard letting go of stuff but well worth it!

  6. Lol....I feel old sometimes too! Sorting out feels good and makes your life lighter, enjoy that feeling!
    Smiles, Anke :)

  7. Lee it's so funny that I was just looking at a stack of VHS tapes this weekend too.
    I decided to deal with them by pretending that they weren't there. LOL.

    I love this Bird.
    You are on a bird-roll...
    xxx tj

  8. Oh WOW, well first of all this bird is fabulous. But then, the record stash. Me too me too. Mine are stacked away, out of sight, in a cabinet, but still.....I need to figure out how to release myself from them. Your post helps. I especially like that you can listen to them on your too me too. (ok I don't have an IPOD either)


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