Friday, October 21, 2011

junk mail artists book just about finished

just thought I would show you I have been working on my junk journal
still not finished but just about


  1. Your junk journal looks great! You'll have to tell me how you did it. It looks like it keeps unfolding. Very cool!

  2. Lee! Are you saying that whole journal is make from JUNK mail??

    That is about the coolest opening thing I've seen in a long time.

    Show us how you made it please...!!
    xxx tj

  3. I just cant believe how MUCH art youre doing these days... when do yo find all that time???? I love that journal!

  4. Wow! You did a fantastic job on your junk artist book. I started one for Carla's class but never finished it...mainly, because I didn't like where it was going. I'm impressed Lee!!!

  5. Hey Lee! I like how this folds out very much...great colors and drawings too!


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