Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Bend it like Beckham

don't ask me where this guy came from, he
obviously needs life mates to get a date
hubby wants a disclaimer put in here, that   is not him.....

well today i am off to physo for therapy
on my swimming arm
then Mr. clean (hubby) says its clean up day
its time for him to find a job other than cleaning this house
and I am trying a new dish in the crock pot
put up your hand if you use the crock pot, have you made anything
we might want the recipes for


  1. I like this guy - although he doesn't look like anyone I know either - almost! He cool! I need to pull out my crock pot too! I think I will . . .

  2. What a guy!

    I use my crockpot winter and summer, for comfort foods in winter and to reduce the kitchen heat in the summer. One of my favorite crockpot projects is Sarge's EZ Pulled Pork. I didn't want to leave a live link on your blog comments, so if you just google for that name, it comes up easily on allrecipes. I think it's been "liked" about 600 times and I read somewhere it has been copied at least 3,000 times. Very tasty. I use heated Sugar Ray's barbecue sauce for a sauce on the sandwich, not cooked with. Sometimes I mix a bit of "drippins' from the crock pot to the bbq sauce when I'm heating it and then let the sauce cook down to the right consistency. And maybe add some vinegar-based cole slaw on the sandwich too. Well, I'm from North Carolina, so I can't help myself.

  3. I like your guy...although he might need to see a dentist!

    We use our crock pot quite a bit. I like making Chocolate Mess...everyone always likes it. And I've found a ton of good recipes on Pinterest.

  4. Oh never fail to make me laugh outloud...hehe! I like your guy...what a smile! I have a crock pot but I really don't use it very often...I should.


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