Thursday, December 27, 2012

I am christmsed out....

either I am coming down with something, or I am christmsed out
because I feel like I am have been hit with a bull dozer
but I had a great christmas, great presents, great food
great gift certificates to my favourite art stores
a new favourite art book, by 
this is a really good book, I highly recommend it, if
you want to start making great stamps,
I have been working on my women, thats why you see so many, I hope
I am improving
tonight its turkey soup and that the end of the turkey for now
i am off to the art store cant let those gift cards burn a hole
in my pocket.
talk to you tommorow


  1. Your girl is nice, and I love the colors used. Hope you're feeling better soon. I feel I'm a totally food wreck. Christmas is so much about eating, right now I think we should be fasting next year. But, I bet I would be the only one to have that opinion.

  2. I like your lady and her insights. I'm a big worrier myself!

    Have you tried your popcorn popper? We just used ours and it turned out great. I'll need to make several batches in advance to fill up the box for the kids.

    I'm sorry to read you're not feeling great. Maybe it's just the post-holiday blahs and you'll feel better by the weekend.

    New book! New art projects! YAY!

  3. Lee,
    I just wanted to stop by and see your blog! Love it and your amazing art! I received one of your Inspirational cards from Jessica's 52 Card Swap!

    Feel better soon!

    Cheers and Happy New Year!

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