Tuesday, December 04, 2012


I totally forgot that I signed up for an on-line class that starts today
Its a Christmas Ornament class by Christy Tomlimson   and other
its good for a year
not all them strike my fancy but some do
but as I said before I am not going to bust my butt getting them done
OK here is a question for you  are your bored
when I talk about what I am doing
or about my life?
are my posts to long?
I am trying to make this a good place to visit


  1. not bored at all! posts are great! your art is great!

  2. Never bored! I like hearing about what you're doing. You and your art are fresh and fun and totally NOT boring.

  3. Absolutely NOT bored! I enjoy seeing your work and reading about your days. Whatever would make you wonder about that?

  4. more talk about your life please.... oh and a bot of art thrown in for good measure would be just perfect!!! never get bored with your writing!

  5. ginheartart11:39 PM

    dont change a thing...you and your art are perfect !!!


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