Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa Baby only 14 more days to Christmas

so it's snowing here (as usual)
taking the mother in-law shopping today
making beer can chicken in the crock pot
shopper is coming for supper
looking for the Christmas stockings
do you do Christmas stockings at your house?


  1. Yep, we have ancient stockings hanging on the mantel. I'm a little embarrassed that mine and Husband's are a bit threadbare, but we love them and haven't changed them from the ancient felt of decades ago. Talk about vintage!

    Love your blue-eyed Christmas girl!

  2. www.ginheartart10:03 PM

    this girl looks so full of Christmas peace and her. i still have my stocking from childhood (a mermaid, my brothers had hockey players, how Canadian, eh!)

  3. I hang some mini stockings up on the fire place but we don't use them, they are just for decoration. There is also one tiny one on the tree. Keep warm and enjoy the snow. xx

  4. I hang stockings but I don't actually put anything in them anymore. When my kids were younger stockings were their favorite part of Christmas. I always put "weird" things in their stockings and they loved it.

  5. Hi Lee...I don't do stockings anymore but I think it's a great tradition. I love the "Santa Baby" you made!


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