Sunday, December 09, 2012

your never to old to fly

i promise this is the last of bad looking reindeer
this guy looks like he needs to gain a few pounds on his legs
but hey doesn't everyone want skinny legs
last night went out with the neighbours for Italian food
it was delicious
you know when I worked I never knew my neighbours
but now i find out i like my neighbours, 
hey the other side bakes and brings it over
she doesn't know about my dirty little secret
well today is suppose to be warmer
I am off to parts unknown
so have a great Sunday and will check back with you on Monday


  1. Hi Lee...did you find something to spend your 50% off coupon on at Michaels? You were asking about powdered sugar...yes, it's icing sugar, also called confectioner's sugar. Sorry I don't know the box size.

  2. Oh I just want to give this reindeer a hug! And "bad"? This is wonderful. I love the character youve developed.


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