Thursday, December 06, 2012

reindeer games

it all started with this background the blue and white
I cant remember making it so it might be scrapbook paper it has great texture to it
any way I decided it looked like a snowy day
added a tree
some stars(they are my versions of stars)  
and I had some painted fabric, cut it into this   shape
used my sewing machine to add some crazy pattern
added some horns and here we go 
just call him ed
tonight its a Costco run with the shopper
dinner out and catch up with her
and apparently she needs some mall therapy
so a little shopping is in store
so how are you doing with your christmas shopping?


  1. I love Ed!!

    My shopping is done. Nothing left to do but open the packages on Christmas morning.

  2. Ed is dreamy...wanting to play games, is he?

  3. Helllooooo ED!

    My Christmas shopping has hardly started! Boy, Janet is really on top of things, isn't she! Admiration!

  4. that ed is a cutie isnt he? I have most of my shopping done now and starting to do all the wrapping now. nearly there with xmas!

  5. I love Ed, what a nice guy! It seems you all are a little early on the other side of the pond, or it might of course be that I'm a little late. Just finished washing, nothing bought yet but much good thinking done. No decorations either but it will a while. Baking next week.


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