Friday, December 07, 2012

My dirty little secret

I am going to tell you my dirty little secret
get ready
I eat frozen Christmas baking right out of the freezer
  it is true
this girl who is trying to lose weight
eats the baking frozen
I brought it out of the freezer what was left....
packaged it all up 
and gave it to the shopper
to take to her pot luck
told hubby no  more baking in this house
until Christmas and then only Christmas cake
I don't want to gain back what i have lost
and I obviously can't leave it alone


  1. This girl is great! Love her rosy cheeks and flipped up hair.

    That's not too bad for a dirty little secret. It could have been worse!

  2. Go Girl!

    I know what you mean. If Husband and I feel we must have, say, a doughnut, we share one doughnut between us and we don't keep more in the house. We would eat more if we had it!

  3. Love her rosy cheeks. I am like that too hate any cakes or baking going on unless I choose. I know when I have control and when I don't! x

  4. WOW that great keep up the will power!


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