Monday, December 03, 2012

Crazy at this time of year

every year I make myself crazy with Christmas
every year I usually have the heavy stuff done, like shopping, wrapping etc
so how can I be crazy when all that is done
because every year I think I have to make a hundred things
I see something and think I should make that
I don't think that any other time of the year,.
before art became my obsession , I was a 
crafter, I loved to craft, but I find much more
satisfaction from art.  So I have decided that I will not
make anything else this year Christmas themed.  Maybe
a few little drawings, that I would do anyway.
I did make that wreath, and a little Christmas canvas
but that is it.  What makes you crazy at Christmas?


  1. I sometimes do the same thing...see something and think I can make it. But for the most part our Christmas is small, quiet, and not too hectic. We don't do a lot of buying so that cuts down on the craziness.

    I just like to bake cookies and look at the tree and decorations.

  2. Hi Lee...I don't do crazy any more. Like Janet, Christmas is fairly quiet. I will make some Christmas candies and cookies. But I don't plan to take on any major art projects.

  3. In the past, we've had huge Christmas parties, often with a white elephant theme. I mean, the house was decorated anyway. This year we had a party at Halloween for visiting guests, so this season I plan just a few little dinner parties. And I want to have them back-to-back, again because the house is clean for one party, so I might as well schedule the other party close! Do you think it's laziness? LOL! I've noticed I'm much less "crazed" this year without that big party. I'm liking this! Maybe it's time for someone in the younger generation to take on those big parties.


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