Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Book

This is a Christmas book I made a while back I think last year
I keep my Christmas cards in it
Since Christmas Cards will be soon a thing of the past
I  am going to use it for  something else
I have decided to take a Christmas Break
because my riveting conversation on this blog
is even boring me, nothing is happening in my
life so I need to take break and do something
so I can talk about it.  I might check back here
once and awhile, with updates, so don't forget
about me.  See you December 26



  1. love the book ... I think we're all busy hence the lack of conversations around the place! I dont know about you but I'm flat out and managing to sneak this visit in while hubby is out shopping lol!

  2. oooo I love this!
    Sorry I've been visiting so infrequently. My life is just too overwhelming at the moment. But I love catching up on all your thoughts.
    Enjoy your break and I'll keep visiting you when I can!

  3. Hi Lee...we have a mutual friend...Miss Myra...thought I'd pop over and say hi. Your Christmas book is wonderful. I hope you find plenty to talk about over your break. Merry Christmas!

  4. Hi Lee....I think you always have something interesting to say...everyone needs a break sometimes though. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  5. Lee, thank you for the Christmas wishes!!!! I wish you and your family the same! A Merry Christmas! Enjoy the days before hopefully without many stress.
    See you after, smiles, Anke:))))


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