Tuesday, December 18, 2012

love hate relationships

I know I know I wasn't suppose to be back till after Christmas  but I have a love / hate relationship with my blog.  I don't always like being here, but cant stay away, crazy I know.  

have been watching   CNN on the shootings
feeling bad for everyone, mom's, kids, teachers
going to the eye doctor for my yearly check up, eyes still good
being making fudge, found a maple fudge recipe that tastes better than any I have every tasted, store bought or home-made, trying to resist making more
creating some art, like the doodles above
what are you up to


  1. I have the same trouble with the blog too.. love/hate, but cant keep away! lol!

    doing pre christmas busy stuff here!

  2. ginheartart11:43 PM

    wow...lee i just love your white dots!
    this time of year is sooo busy, it too is a love/hate thing! kim

  3. I always feel bad when I miss checking on you and other friends. Sometimes I have trouble thinking of what to write about...me, the person who always has something to say! Maybe I just don't think I should put it into written words or something. By the way, I didn't get the little notice that tells me you posted, both this one and the next one. I wanted to reply to your comment, so I clicked your name and found your blog and, low and behold, I'd missed two!

  4. HEY! Maybe you can make peace somehow by seeing both sides of the coin. And that it is totally fine to feel this way. And that you can choose when you want to be here and when not. If it is fun, share, if you feel like hiding, hide :))) You are free to free whatever needs to be freed and create this space as you like it. :)))) Smiles, Anke :)


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