Thursday, May 09, 2013

forever young.....

 one of the assignments of the course was to draw and paint 2 self portrait postcards.
one for your pen pal, and one for Rhonda
ok I looked sorta of like this when younger
you also had to make some altered enevelopes
I dont know about this one but its going
I made a third self portrait one and put it in my art journal thats for
another time.
Do you think its cheating by me drawing one of me when
I was younger?


  1. Not when you are "young at heart", Lee :)

    These are wonderful and I love the altered envelope...neat!!!

  2. Sounds like an interesting course. Not at all cheating, aren't self portraits about how you see/feel about yourself? Great to see your works. x

  3. Self portraits are hard to do. Yours looks great though and I like the envelope too.

  4. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Don't you think we always imagine ourselves as we looked when we were younger? And there's nothing wrong with that. The image you hold of yourself influences how you relate to others and I'm sure that makes it positive. I love your art style.

  5. No, it isn't's you no matter what age you were. And self-portraits can be an interpretation of who you are. I like both of the ones you have here, and especially like the "laugh heartily" message.


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