Thursday, May 23, 2013

horseing around

the above is my sketchbook
this one index card
was drawing in sketch book coming up with index card ideas, this horse came to me\
not a pretty pony thats for sure
used oil pastels, to get the colour to pop
today its chicken for the crockpot
and then down to the studio, I have been stewing over an idea
for two weeks, and decided to give its some paper thought now
what are you doing today?


  1. crochet today, and a casserole - beef and wine in the slow cooker minus the wine! you know... your cards and art are just amazing!

  2. Your horses are fun!!!! Have a great time in the studio today. I am entertaining my mom and aunt today at lunchtime! They are both spunky elderly ladies and we always have fun when we are together.

  3. Seems you're ready for a ride.... fun horses. I have been trying to bake some breads today, not successful I have to admit. I'll spend some time in the studio too this evening. Enjoy!

  4. Yeehaw! horsies! I love these. I like how you just go for it! I've been painting on cardboard this week.

  5. love your unique horses! finally posted today!

  6. Love the horses...but then I always like your animals. Today I went to the senior center for a fashion group. Ended up staying an extra hour just yakking with a woman from the painting group.

  7. I haven't started on my index cards yet, because I'm doing leftovers, but isn't this cute? I love how active and bright it looks!


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