Monday, May 20, 2013

paper power

made these with 1 piece of paper the method I told you about yesterday
I sketched some flowers and birds and stuff
I was to lazy to use paint, as I was watching
tv. so just used markers because I like the bang they give you for your buck
and then just cut them up
two I am using for postcards
going on a road trip with two great friends
road princess number 1 and I are going via Calgary
and stopping for some therapy shopping
then on to Banff for some sight seeing and relaxation
and then on to pick up road princess #2 who lives in a beautiful
little town in BC called Sorrento and then it
Vancouver for some re-visiting of places I lived
then we are going to stay in
whister BC home of the Winter olympics
going to stay in
Salt Spring Island to be imersed in some art (thats for me) and there market
Victoria for some relaxation, swimming, tea drinking, spirit drinking
and meeting a facebook art friend
then back the way we came
sounds like fun


  1. Your road trip sounds like fun! What could be better than traveling with friends.

    I like your use colors so beautifully...bright, happy, full of fun.

  2. It's amazing how every piece you make is so filled with Lee, even though they are different they're still recognizable as your work. These last ones are great too, as always.
    Wow, enjoy your road trip together with friends, sounds like much fun!


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