Wednesday, May 08, 2013


today library day
joined a pen pal online course at
today writing the letter
created the two postcards, will show you tommorow
have you ever had a pen pal
I have when I was 11 for 3 years
her name was Jane and she was from Surrey England
we lost touch
my new pen pal is from Austin Texas
now thats a place I always wanted to go
I have been to Texas
its alot like where I live


  1. Love this page, the colours go so well together and I like the white around the leaves. Penpals.... I was addicted to them when I was a teenager. I had about 10 to 15 from all over the world .. Such fun!

  2. i really, really enjoy all of your figures! i look forward to seeing your art every day!

  3. Love this one Lee, so fresh. No penpals for me, not sure I could follow through. Dentist for you and hairdresser for me yesterday, good what's done.

  4. What a wonderful and happy piece of art, Lee!!!

    She sounds like me :)

  5. This piece of art is so fresh and colorful. I love the green vine/leaves and her red hair.

    I had a pen pal when I was in grade school. She lived in Scotland. I wish I had saved her letters or had stayed in touch. That would have been fun.


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