Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Do you really want to know........

A page in my new art journal, which is an old desk calender....
You know I had a comment yesterday from  Cyndee Starr of
saying I wonder what it is like to take an online class. 
I have taken so many online classes, I feel I can tell you what I have found

1.  First the cost can be anywhere between 5:00-alot of money
2.  Make sure its something you want to spend your money on, I have taken many classes that
I thought would be great, and I was disapointed, it was mostly just thrown together and hardly any videos, no interaction.
3.  If you are new to art journaling, then go to Youtube first, see all the videos for free
on Techniques, and how to's there free, and most of them are covered in the
workshop you paid money for. 
4.  Make sure that the classes are yours forever, some are not, I wont
sign up for the class no matter how much I want it, if its not there for me anytime I want it.
5.  Ask your blog friends, about the online classes they have taken , and what
they have learnt from it, plus how good was the instructor ,that makes a big difference 
how you are going to do in the class
6.  Do you know how to do this already, then why are you taking the class,
interaaction with others, new ideas, what will you learn,
are you going to get your money;s worth

To be honest, I have taken some really bad classes, and just say to
myself, ok lesson learned, dont take another class from her.  Make sure you ask around
have you taken the class, and get an honest opinion.  Its your hard earned money
were taking about.

lets hear from you my readers, courses or not what have you learned


  1. I have taken a couple, one a photography/self development course - unravelling Susannah Conway. Then I joined the art journalling community. I also did an Eastern Therapeutic Writing course with "Writing our way home". All really enjoyable and I learned much about myself and my creativity. What is next is some skill developing - that is what I really need next. I find I lack the time to really benefit from online courses and would like to find something at the local college maybe.

  2. I have never taken a class of any kind, Lee and I think that I have taught myself to paint pretty well on my own.

    I do feel that it is a personal choice and one needs to do what they feel will help them to reach their goals.

    I really do like this painting and you are an inspiration~

  3. Hi Lee...I have taken several online classes. I'm like you, some of the classes have been disappointments but some have been great too. One of the best online classes I took a few years ago was drawing faces with Monica Zuniga. About a year ago, I took Katie Kendrick's online class, "Layered Impressions." It was an excellent class and she is a great teacher. Like you said, it's best to ask around and find out if others have taken a class you are thinking about taking.
    Great page!!!

  4. good advice Lee... I dont take classes online because most of the stuff I am interested is out there on utube and can be looked at over and over without a limit. Most people have tutes on their blogs too, and some of the classes that I have taken for free as tasters, I wouldnt bother spending my real on anyway. its luck and asking around like you say to get a really good class

  5. Anonymous7:43 AM

    I completely agree with your points. I've taken a few in the last year or two and some have been VERY helpful. I think having a class unfold keeps me focused on a technique or project sometimes. I like to support artists I enjoy also. If I'm regularly reading their blog and getting a lot out of it, I think it's worth it to support them. However, a couple have been a total bust and left me just puzzled. So I definitely check out everything now before I sign up.

  6. great drawing and excellent advice! i agree with everyone esp. lizzie - i think that the RIGHT teacher can really make a difference in your art!

  7. I agree...I have taken a LOT of online classes and many of them have been huge disappointments. And some of those disappointments were from "big" name artists!

    You can learn so much from YouTube and other free classes that it seems silly to spend money on expensive classes.

  8. Anonymous2:03 AM

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