Sunday, May 19, 2013

Post Modern or a wannabe

I was reading a great blog post by and decided to give it a try, I think I did my wrong.  But you know I kinda like the way it turned out.
So then I made another drawing with cirlces and squares and stuff
and then cut it up to make postcards, that i will show
you tommorow......
today its pedicure day
its raining so no tanning on the deck, I am trying to get a tan before the wedding
tans make you look thinner dont you think(lol) while at least in your mind it does
looking for that elusive white summer cardigan
plans for a trip I am taking for a week (more on that tommorow


  1. As always, I really like your colors and your style! That was a neat tutorial you linked to. Might have to give that a try!

  2. this is a fantastic colorful cheerful piece of artwork! must check out that post!

  3. Your art always just makes me stop and smile! You might think you did this "wrong" but I love it. It's wonderful!!

  4. So that's what's wrong---I'm too pale! By the way, there's a standing joke here in Florida. You can always tell a native, we're the pale people. I like your modern girl!

  5. I like her Lee. We skipped the spring this year, the temperatures went from 6-7 deg.C to 27 deg.C Last couple of days we've had the most beautiful summer.Now I'm off to check that link.

  6. I love how much creativity you have, I could really take a lesson or two from you to help me get more done and stop procrastinating when it comes to creating and sharing my art.

  7. Oh Lee, I LOVE it! It's so totally you. And that bird really finishes it off. great work!

  8. lee i love this. love the colors.


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