Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Line Work....and deck work

dont look to closely this girl has wonky fingers
so many misquitoes here lately you should walk around with a net over your head
i bought some deck planters, and broke down and planted some flowers, now its time to wait and see what happens, my green thumb is really brown
the shopper gave me a topsy turvy tomotoe planter, so today hung it up on the deck, threw some tomotoe plants in it, the hubster is betting on no tomotoes, oh the faith that guy has in me
been making index cards for the month of June so far 18 made
i am not doing it for two months just the month of june
I like drawing with a black sharpie and seeing where it leads me
no erasing when you use one
what have you been up to


  1. Thanks Lee for always making me smile, even your comments does that. I like your fashion girl.

  2. Oh how I loved doing the Index Card Challenge. Yes I like that too, drawing with a black sharpie. I've done two drawings for my EDM project that came to a stand still. I meditated and fell asleep. Then I listened to some of my audio book. Love your girl's jacket. I think fashion might love her after all.

  3. love you colorful cards from yesterday - and LOVE THIS GIRL!!!!

  4. The jacket you drew is so cool...I'd like to have one just like it!

    HB and I planted some things this year. I doubt if they will do anything but at least we're trying.


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