Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Style....

In trying to find my own style, I try many things
I have been trying to sketch flowers, that are all
mine.  My design, my style.  Now the problem
with this is, I always think, did I see this somewhere,
did someone else do this, or is this really my very own.
You see so much on the Internet that it all becomes
intertwined and you forget what you actually see.
 So hopefully this is all mine,and I havent
seen it somewhere else, and someone emails
me and tells me I have knocked off there art.....


  1. Never ending issue you bring forward today. I once read a wise mans words saying: it's not where you take it from, but where you take it to that matters.
    I truly don't think there are any unike ideas left, only variations. As long as one can feel ownership to ones creations it could be called ones own, I Guess.

  2. Anton Chekhov said "There is nothing new in art except talent." And you have that so don't worry. Just keep being yourself and you'll be okay. I like your flowers!

  3. I agree with janet... and... I like YOUR flowers!

  4. I love this piece! Wonderful colors.

  5. Beautiful colours. I think your work is distinctive but agree with the others too. Your colours remind me of art that I love but no-one can put the elements together quite like you. There is freedom in your style Lee.


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