Tuesday, May 07, 2013

whiteout hair

Not only does she need arms, I think a bust of  some sort is required
hair done with whiteout
just came back from the dentist, teeth cleaned and checkup all good
hubby cleaning out the garage
devil dog is walked
have been working on some art
chicken something for dinner
what are you up for?


  1. She is fine, Lee...not all women have a big bust :)

    I have "whiteout" hair!!! Oh...maybe it's just old hair :)

  2. she is a lady of a certain age with grey hair! ( like me lol) not much happening here today its raining so staying inside to keep dry!

  3. Good idea at using whiteout, glad to know you had a nice visit to Dentist. About the only thing I am up to right now is leaving a message in your comment box here.

  4. The whiteout hair is perfect...and having a small bust is a good thing. That's from someone who doesn't have that but wishes she did!!


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