Wednesday, January 22, 2014


this is not me, (this is my mother)
I have been playing around with collage, as you can see
this is in my moleskin planner for document your life,
this is the opposite page of the challenge page which I have not done yet
I like collage because I like to create a story, or some semblance of a story.
I think I am  going to create a few more in the near future, I like
rummaging through my stuff, and finding out what I think goes with
what.  Do you like collage?


  1. Your mother has the most beautiful smile! Glad to know she was happy. And your collage story is excellent.

  2. I love the way you combine all your elements here. collage and paint and hand lettering and text and stamps - oh my!

  3. i love this! you make me want to try journaling! i've never done it before!


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