Tuesday, January 07, 2014

On the go

are you sick of me drawing birds
I really like drawing them so you will see more
today I am taking off early
my yearly appointment with the doctor
the art store which is conveniently located across from my Doctor
the library
home to the studio, got some new containers from Wal-Mart
because they have a big sale of containers
going to do what I love when I am in art slump
I am going to organize.
Put up your hand if you love to organize in January
did all my drawers in the kitchen the other day
I know who loves to do that
its me, I get a thrill with organization
am I weird the shopper thinks so


  1. funny you should mention organising, I bought two big plastic tubs today and re did my dd's wardrobe and now going to do mine! Love doing this in Jan!

  2. never sick of your birds - beautiful colors!!!!

  3. No I'm not sick of your birds!

    I need to get the organizing bug because my closet needs it and so does my studio.


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