Tuesday, January 21, 2014

No great beauty

this is my take on a woman that Matisse painted
his woman did not look like a sumo wrestler
his women did have curves, I guess I forgot to put those in
or red clown cheeks, but I must admit I like the
way the hands look.  Though 
most of Matisse's women were no great
beauties .....and neither is this one


  1. this is sooo beautiful to me!

  2. lee I tried to paint a skirt painting using your color palate - how did you get the texture in the dress?

    1. lol I used purple watercolour marker

  3. Who cares if she looks like she has nice deltoids, she has a great face! Love the eyes and the lips!

  4. She has gentle eyes...I wouldn't mind getting to know her. And yes...good job on the hands! Hands always trip me up. My hands turn out looking like flesh mittens.


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