Monday, January 06, 2014

welcome to my documented life

This is my moleskine weekly planner.  I always use a planner to put my appointments,
and stuff in, you know when you want to remember something, you doodle in it, etc.
So when the documented life project came along it was right up my alley.  They give you weekly prompts, the first one was your front door, and this was my interruption of it.  I love the book looks and feels in my hands, and can hardly wait until  it full of art goodness, glue paper.

On another note the shopper and the boyfriend arrive home today, I am glad I always
worry when she is gone, those mother genes kick in.  Last night on my way home from
Walmart, someone rear ended me (that's sounds bad lol) okay someone with his car
skidded into my back bumper, so I have to go and phone my insurance agent and then get it taken in to get it fixed, his insurance will pay as it was his fault.  The road conditions were terrible yesterday, really icy as it had rained the night before. 

Well I better get to it, and will talk to you tomorrow.



  1. glad you are okay! love the planner and the open door!!

  2. Love the look of your planner! It's wonderful already! I've got to go to the website and check out the possibilities. So glad your shopper and her boyfriend arrived home safely. Sounds like the conditions were really messy and dangerous. I'm so glad you had no injury in the accident and good luck on getting your car repaired.

  3. wow yes just look at that planner... I kind of joined this project on a whim... and since then have done nothing about it and now looking at yours I feel shame..... I think I may bale out now! I cant wait to see more of yours!!

  4. Glad all is okay. Your planner looks great!

  5. Anonymous10:18 AM

    You are so right this is perfect for you. Will look forward to seeing more posts. Love your door.

  6. Yikes! Are you okay? You gotta be careful on those icy roads.

    Love your journal and the door page...the message is great.


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