Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mish Mash Tuesday

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Today I finished this circle journal page
ready to go to next person on list
not my best, should have gone with the original idea
walked the dog 3 times
the weather was beautiful
cleaned the house
going to airport to pick up the mother inlaw
hubby home tonight after a few days away
the shopper and the boyfriend going to see Justin Timberlake
watched all of eposide 3 of Downton Abbey the last two days
just read online that
most retirees are going back to work
maybe there is hope for the hubster yet
see you tomorrow


  1. My hub retired and then started a part-time job, supposedly only three days a week, but he's been working five days almost since the beginning. The work is still in his field, slightly different, and he loves it. I'm not sure the guy will ever really retire. I like your page idea!

  2. I like your page too, and over here lots of retirees are going back to work too... mostly for $$ reasons, but also cos they get bored at home and retirement isnt what they thought it would be! if your dh goes back to work any chance of him suggesting that to my dh????? (lol)

  3. love your page! i wish harvey could afford to retire! at the rate we are going he will have to work until he is 90! his father worked until he was 80 - as a security person - i dont know what he was suppose to secure!

  4. Love your page! Those warm colors and the white outlining is to my taste :) ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling


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