Friday, January 31, 2014

The art of the computer

This picture is one of many parts
what's that you say Lee how did you do that
well thanks for asking
you seen the girl above with her |Sisters from a different Mister"
all I did in photoshop elements is cut her out
add her to a background page I made and saved
I had this stamp element and just added it on
and the words
it gives you a whole new look
the only thing I would do different next time
is the words, I would take the time to make them on a strip of paper
and scan them into my computer and then add them to the paper
what do you think?


  1. This is so interesting, I should really give it a serious thought to buy me photoshop. I love what you did, and I agree with the words. If you did them yourself it would perhaps look even more personal.
    I have a friend who's making the most stunning pieces in photoshop, and now you're doing it too. Fantastic!

  2. I have photoshop elements and I know this wasn't an easy project. Well, I know it certainly wouldn't be for me! Didn't it come together well! As soon as I saw the little clip picture on the reading list of your post, I went, "Hey, I know remember that girl!" from your previous post. I like the words as they are, or maybe on another multi-design paper because, right now, it looks more like she's thinking it, rather than saying it.

  3. you are becoming such a computer techie. i like what you did with this piece. do you use photoshop or another similar program? i've got it but haven't figured out alot of it's capabilities yet. time, it takes alot of time. i do alot with Picasa, its simpler.

  4. Love this!! I wish I could figure out how to work with Photoshop/Elements but I must be a big dummy because it's like Greek to me.

  5. Lee, you are so smart! This turned out amazing! Good going with the photoshop...maybe some day...


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