Friday, January 17, 2014


I wish I was a better painter
I wish I was a better sketcher
I wish I had more grunge or attitude when painting
I wish I had better techniques
I wish I could create paintings that I could sell
I wish everything I created didn't look like a kid did it
am I the only one who has self doubts about her art
am I the only one who is envious of other peoples art and talent
what am I going to do about it


  1. You're going in the right direction with all those wishes---you're doing! Wishing to be better and doing something about it (practice, classes, etc.) is the way to achieve what we want. But you know that already! Self-doubts and envy? I think we've all got a touch of that, don't you?

  2. Wendy3:20 PM

    Lee - you are good the way you are- we can always learn new techniques- I look at your work and your use of color and your people you draw are great- pat yourself on the back for trying -

  3. I love love your style so much!! Embrace it... I would pick your art over all others...if I wanted something to look as it is....I'll take a photo!! Your art brings me joy a big smile to my face!! It seems most artists have constant self doubt!! Please put your link on Paint Party are amazing!! Join in with other artists...I have nothing to gain...I just think they will love your to bits!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. lee I feel the exact same way that you do about everything! I agree with everyone here! Also I think that you should open an etsy shop or something and offer prints of your work. I've seen some things that I wish that I could have. Like Miz Katie - she paints in a book and somehow offers prints of her work (i need to investigate). You have good ideas, good designs and your own 'art signature'. I'm sure you would be surprised! Oh and you don't paint like a kid - you have a modern art flair - like picasso and matisse!!

  5. I agree with everyone else here! at least youre DOING something! I gave up a long time ago!

  6. You are so hard on yourself. I've been telling you "forever" how much I love your art. It's unique, it's YOU, and it's special. Why would you want your art to look like everyone else's! That's boring. You have flair and a definite style.

    PS - even though I don't think you paint like a child, this is what Picasso said...“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” (I wish I could paint more child-like!)

  7. Oh my, I know these doubts too good. You have your own style, and it is not child like! It is loose, it is free, it is you! And you are making things! Me, the little perfectionist is always afraid to let go and make something not so perfect, and that stops me from doing/playing! In that way you are far better than I am!
    And I love to see, that you aprticipate in PPF and the DLP too ;-) - Irma

  8. could have been me that wrote that, and I am also taking classes. Just wanted to agree with above, your artworks are great - I know I dont comment but I read your blog and I always smile when I see your faces they are fun. I came close to giving in this weekend as my friend is a very talented photo realistic artist, but that is 'her' style and mine is mine, and yours is yours.


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