Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New year welcome 2014

well I hope you all had a great new years
last night went out with friends for dinner
and then back to there house for dessert
and was home and in bed by 10:30
OKAY I am officially old I couldn't even make it up for New Years,
today its all about doing nothing, still in my jammies, but
going to my sister in-laws for dinner
so I guess I have to get dressed.
I joined a few groups on face book,
one , A Documented Life, it's all about you weekly
planner, and prompts.
Then April Coles Facebook group, I enjoy her
blog and also her Facebook page
I am on Facebook, but only for the groups, I have a few
art friends, and family friends on.
So its a quiet day around this household, so I better go
get dressed and get ready to go out.
here's looking forward to 2014 with you



  1. Hope your New Years relaxing day was fun! I did much the same, but cooked dinner tonight. Now I have the kitchen clean-up.

  2. Happy New Year Lee! Looking forward to more of your fun and free expressions in 2014! Enjoy the time at your sister in-laws.

  3. I've missed seeing your art!! Hopefully I'm back now. We had a quiet New Year's Eve and the same for New Year's Day. I'm looking forward to much more of your art in 2014.

  4. Happy New Year, Lee! I made it to 11:30, but not all the way to midnight on New Year's Eve. Getting sleep felt even better than sitting around watching the ball drop on TV! Here's to a happy and creative 2014!


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