Thursday, January 09, 2014

selfies love em or leave em

In the group I am in, Documented Life
one of the challenges is to take a "selfie"
apparently the latest rage.
I hate getting, or taking my picture,
but I went along with it, and took about 20
selfie's of me, and not one of them looked
like the way I thought I looked.  Who
knew I had such a big nose, or droopy eyes
and what about that grey hair.  I am
sure someone else snuck into those pictures.
That is why I hate getting my picture taken
we all  know the camera puts  weight on you
and now I have discovered it ages you as well (lol).


  1. there are no photos of me either. I used to look like my mother but now I look like my brother!

  2. I know what you mean, dislike pictures of me. That's why I "cartoon" myself, not that I could do a good likeness anyway!

  3. I hear you about taking photos or having photos taken of one's self. It never looks like you does it?

  4. I saw that in the document your life project... like you I much prefer a photo from my youth, or a drawing! That actually put me off doing the challenge any more.

  5. We are our own worst critics. I love this selfie...somehow, when I saw the image in my reader, I KNEW it was you. Isn't that interesting?

  6. a selfie should be much more than pointing a camera at your own face. it should be a reflection of who you are, and how you see yourself and how you see the world - and this is much more YOU than any picture could be.

  7. I agree with Karen...this is much more of who you are than any photo could be. And I like the "little girl" pic of you tucked in the corner.


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