Sunday, January 12, 2014

show and tell

I totally love it when someone shows and tells on there blog.  Its like a sneak peak into there life.  You kinda get this feeling that you know this person, from reading there blogs, and you wanna know more.  Okay am I a total stalker and the only one who thinks this.  So I was down in the studio today working on some stuff alright I was dying my hair, and my camera was  there so I thought lets try and do some arty shots, ok people get you mind back where it belongs, the arty shots were not of me, but the studio.  So without further ado here are some shots, lets say nothing has been cleaned up , its the way you see it.
 I am working on that card standing on the light, its a prototype, I was just trying out ideas, that light was scored at the goodwill shop for 8 bucks, best light ever. The modpodge was bought for me in Palm Springs by the shopper, she bought me two, one gloss and one matte.  I always send her on little shopping trips for me, when I want something that I cant get here.
these cards are another prototype I have been working out. They started there life as a set of cards about Paris, I sanded them, painted, them, drew on  them, then varnished them.  They to are a work in progress.

These box is  from the dollar store, is my best storage solution ever,
I have a lot of these, I have my distress inks in one, my neo colours in one,
some watercolour makers in one, I could go on, these are fabulous

Now here is an arty shot, of my rolodex, that I got at a thrift store, and I have my
rolodex art in it.  I keep adding stuff to the rolodex.

This roll cart holds on top spray ink, Ok I know a bit excessive right, I need therapy because I have a problem with art supplies.  The drawers hold, stencils, and
rubons, and tim holtz stuff

 The Ikea Cart, I have had this cart for about a year, and I love it, holds most of my
paints on all three shelves.  My friend ML bought it for my birthday last year.  Best thing ever from IKEA I have ever had.

this is a painting that has about 5 lives, and will probably have 5 more, because It is just not working out for me.

Last but not least, a peek at the circle journal I am working on now.  The journal theme, is tress, leaves plants, I have one spread left to do on this journal.
Ok that's it for now, hope you liked this little peek, I am thinking about a little
peek into my house next.


  1. oooh... a peek into your house.... YES pleeese!!! I love peeking into peoples places, houses, studios where ever... its so nice to see how others live/create etc!

  2. looks like a great project!

  3. i love show and tells too! love your photos!

  4. So interesting! Yes, I do love a peek too. I'd love to see more treatments for your rolodex too. The circle journal looks great!

  5. fun pictures! I love those altered cards you're working on.

  6. I love getting a peek inside your studio area...and seeing all your supplies. Just like you, I always like to see where people create their art.


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