Thursday, January 02, 2014

A little bit bitchy

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well today its raining
tomorrow will be cold and snow
that's it I need a trip to a warm climate
got new suitcases ready to go.
As you know the shopper is away
her car in parked in our driveway
could not get the key to turn
finally got it going, drove it
to Honda to see the problem,
1000.00 dollars later we
know the problem. In my
next life I want to come back
as a mechanic, that's where the money is.
okay enough whining back to business.
The pool is re opening on the 8th yeah
closed for repairs since mid December
a pipe burst, the weather was so cold
I know god I sound like the weather man.  You
will hear no more about the weather from
me until summer. Then I will be back
bitching about the heat.
As you can tell not much to talk about
so I am going to sign off,
your weather gal lee


  1. You should come visit me...the weather has been beautiful here.

    I hear you about mechanics. I always dread having to take the car in for anything because it's always "this needs this and that needs that" and before you know it you need to take out a mortgage on the house to pay for it all.

  2. It's pretty here today too, but cold for us. The temp is not supposed to be above 60 today and really cold (again, "for us") tonight. I'm like you and dread anything breaking, car, plumbing, electric, anything! My grandmother used to believe that when you bought something it should last at least forever. So, while I love new things, I love old things that continue to work. I'd probably be driving the first car we bought if it were up to me (and Grandmother)


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