Saturday, January 04, 2014

hey Grandma

this is my grandmother, on my dads side
I like to use her  in my art, she really was not a nice lady or  a mother.
Her face is really not green,
its just looks like it here
I used a hard back canvas
put all kinds of mixed media papers on it
drew the trees, cut the leaves out of old book paper
cut her out of a photocopy
painted her with markers, and just painted the trees and the background
I like the way she turned out, she might make it on the mantel on my fireplace
todayI am  off to the goodwill bookstore, I love that place, old books
I am looking for some children pop up books
then its off to winners, I am looking for something to put on my ledge in the
Ok have you great weekend and talk to you on Monday


  1. Wendy3:36 PM

    REally Really like this- you did an outstanding job- I am currently taking 2 online classes- Lifebook 2014 and Effy Wild- I like going to goodwill also- hope you have a nice weekend- Wendy

  2. lee you are so funny, creative and innovative and -- just a little crazy - the perfect artist!!

  3. The elements in this work seem to tell a story with music and words. I like it too! My son is still volunteering at a big thrift shop and I love to go there!

  4. this is GOOD! I like the way its turned out with that music in the corner, really really good!

  5. You really did good with this one! And it seems so effortless. That's one of the things I like about your art.

    I, too, love to browse through old books looking for things I can use in my art.

  6. Hi Lee...I'm going to have to check out your blog more post something almost every day! Another great piece of art! Have a good day!


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