Wednesday, March 05, 2014

A tiny peek in my life....

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well this is another peek at the inside page of my documented
daily planner.  I don't know if I told 't you this or not, but
if I did just skip this part.  I had made this bird
before, but I added the big eyes to him, and liked the
look and decided I would probably use this again.
So I make a collage sheet full of this bird and printed it.  So
anytime I want him I have him.  I do that a lot with my
art.  In order to keep my collage pages somewhere where
I can find them I keep them all together in a flat brown
Hubby is watching curling, devil dog is out cold on her bed, and
I am pinterest surfing.  I love pinterest don't you. The hubster
has been in and out of the hospital, since he got out after
spending a month there.  You go in with one problem and come
out with 5 you didn't know you had, its hell to get old.
At least one of us is healthy, I am a year younger (lol) I always
tell him he robbed the cradle.



  1. Fabulous work.Love the vibrant colors!

  2. Love your big-eyed birds!

  3. I love it to read your little notes! You have such a great sense of humour although everyday life isn't easy but you always make me smile :) I'll keep my fingers crossed for your hubby's health will improve. I also love your idea of copy and paste own artwork for collages. Thank you for sharing!

  4. You're funny!! Love your big eyed birds and I have a couple of artist friends that do the same...they just use their characters for different's always interesting!

    Hugs Giggles


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