Sunday, March 02, 2014

When in Rome.....

I have been to Pisa, and the tower does lean, when we were there a zillion years ago
they were working on it, because it was in danger of falling over it was leaning so badly.  And  on a side note, these women are not in my family.....(lol).  I had fun searcing for the right elements for this collage, I did not not want to overload it with to much to look at..  I wanted the elements to speak for themselves, I hope I achieved that look.
Today I am in the midst of making chicken soup.  The weather in the prairies  is brutal  cold and a high wind chill, so soup fills the bill. Even devil dog does not linger in the backyard when its this cold.  I know I know I said no more weather news would come out of this blog, but say la vie. I


  1. great collage - and I don't mind hearing about the weather!!

  2. You most certainly did achieve the look you wanted. It's great.

    We had chicken soup last night. When it's cold soup is always what I want. And I don't mind hearing about your weather.

  3. Your collage definitely suits my style, Lee....nice!

  4. Lee I'm back too. You are so darn good at making collages, I envy that skill. The two you made before this one, were they made on canvas? Love the texture on their backgrounds. Glad to hear your husband is out of hospital, guess it has been busy for you to have him there.

  5. Wendy9:27 AM

    like this - love how you layered it- glad you hubby is out of hospital- keep arting- hopefully spring is on it's way - yahooo


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