Saturday, March 15, 2014

New Technology

Well I thought I would post before I left for the day.  I am
on the hunt for a IPAD.  I am a little behind in all
the new techno stuff.  We have at present a home computer,
where the printer and scanner are hooked up to.  And I
had a Laptop, I did all my internet surfing on it , well in the family room
 with the
hubster.  Well last night the LapTop gave up. I think I have
had it about 5 years, and I have given it a good workout.  I
have wanted an IPAD but could not justify buying one
because I had the laptop.  And because I am having a
birthday next week, perfect timing.  So I am on the
hunt.  I will keep you informed.


  1. Good luck on looking for a tablet....I have a Kindle that I love! I like the "pretty woman."!

  2. I had been wanting one forever....but I know apple products are a little different to learn so next I'll get a samsung tablet! All the best tell me how it goes while learning it! Great artwork...and Happy Birthday to you!!

  3. Well, that certainly is perfect timing ;-) Love your pretty lady ....


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