Thursday, March 13, 2014

there is a house in New Orleans

this began as just the house shape
and I decided to collage inside the
house with my painted papers
I had the round face and I saw the
body I the collage and she became a
girl.  I love that when it happens it then
takes on a whole other meaning then what
you started with. And the   song
House of the Rising Sun is one of my favourites.


  1. lovely collage! That's what I like most about collage too, that it can become something completely different ....

  2. I love the way things can evolve. A great collage!

  3. Wendy7:54 AM

    another great one- love the use of the face and all

  4. Lee, you are a grear collager, is that a word at all? I've not seen anyone close to what you make. You include so many different things, lots of colors, the writing, tape and often images from magazines. All this could very easy end up as mess only, but in your clever way you always manage to balance it and make beautiful and interesting pieces of art. Lee, the great artist!


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